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Car DVR at Cafago

The car DVR recorder is an instrument that records information such as images and sounds on the way to the vehicle. After installing the car DVR recorder, you can record video, images and any sound in the whole driving process. It will provide evidence for traffic accidents. With car DVR recorder, people who enjoy road trip will be able to record the process of them conquering difficulties and obstacles, which can be very meaningful. Just like planes have black box, it records time, speed, location into the video while driving. What’s more, the car DVR recorder can totally be used for parking monitoring or home monitoring to keep your safety. You have to know that the video data can not be cut, or it will not provide any help if there is a car accident.

Car DVR recorders have mainly two types: portable driving recorder and rear loading machine integrated driving recorder. The former kind features on a good concealment, easy installation, removable replacement, low cost, easy to use and so on; and the loading machine integrated driving recorder is usually used for special cars. The installation of such kind of recorder costs higher and the conversion is more difficult. But it will maintain a beautiful environment inside the car after installation.

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