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Now we are living in the age of information. Computers play a big role in everyone’s normal life. From large business events to everyday social connections, computers have become the most important tools and solved uncountable problems for human activities. Whether you want to watch movies, play PC games, or be in touch with your friends, the latest computers and tablets can provide you with all the required performance and functionality. From kids to the elderly, casual users to business owners, everyone can make their life much more convenient with a computer.

When you want to buy a computer, how to pick the right one? Are you familiar with RAM and CPU? Desktop or notebook? iOS and Windows? There are numerous options in the market. The choice may be dazzling.

But fortunately, cafago can give you quite critical suggestions. Whether you want to use computer for some basic work, such as checking e-mail, Internet browsing or text editing work, or more difficult work like video editing, graphic design, we will quickly find the best and most economical option for you. Cafago offers a wide range of laptops and tablets for your choice. On any day, cafago has a variety of different types of computers for sale, as well as computer accessories, parts and peripherals such as monitors, keyboard, mouse, webcam and so on.

Featuring a huge 23.8" FHD 1080P screen, powerful dual core processors G4400, 120G SSD and 4G DDR4  memory, onebot L2416 all-in-one computer is a great all-purpose machines. You can surf the web, stream videos, listen to music or run office software. The systems are capable of document processing, image editing or just letting family members watch movies and play games through an attached console.


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