• Новая консоль мини-видеоигр
Новая консоль мини-видеоигр

Новая консоль мини-видеоигр

Два кнопочных телевизора Handheld Gaming с двумя контроллерами для Nes 620 Встроенные классические игры EU Plug

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Вам скучно в свободное время? Вы хотите найти что-то замечательное и значимое? Если это так, эта игровая консоль будет вашим хорошим выбором. В нем есть 620 различных встроенных классических игр. Играя в нее, вы получите удовольствие от своего детства и веселья со своей семьей, которая очень подходит для развлечения и отдыха в семье.

Поддержка вывода видео на телевизор с помощью кабеля переменного тока.
Он использует зарядное устройство 5V для питания, а доступное напряжение составляет 110 В-220 В, поэтому обычный источник питания может позволить себе это.
Подходит для развлечений и отдыха в семье.
Есть 620 встроенных классических игр, которые нельзя изменить.
На машине есть 4 кнопки, что улучшает воспроизводимость для нее, требует более высокий APM игрока и операции.
Классические и напоминающие игры напоминают вам детство и приносят вам радость и веселье.

Материал: пластик
Plug: EU, US (дополнительно)
Напряжение: 110-220 В
Размер деталя (игровая приставка): 13 * 10 * 4.5cm / 5.12 * 3.94 * 1.77in
Вес предмета (игровая приставка): 130 г / 4.59 унций
Размер пакета: 19.5 * 14 * 7.5cm / 7.68 * 5.51 * 2.95in
Вес упаковки: 464 г / 1.02lb

Дети в возрасте до 3 лет не могут пользоваться.

Список пакетов:
1 * Игровая консоль
2 * Игральные ручки
1 * AV-кабель
1 * Список игр
1 * Электрическая розетка переменного тока
1 * Руководство пользователя (включая английский)
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  • By c***0

    September 4, 2018

    I've had to wait quite a while to get my hands on one of these! I love it. First of all, it's just awesome for the way it looks. It's a tiny Nintendo! I've only had it for a week or so, but I love it! It does come with most of the classics we all loved back in the day. The first time I fired it up and heard that Excite Bike music, I was immediately taken back to the 80's! Honestly, I had forgotten how to even play some of the games. It's definitely fun, and still challenging, trying to beat the games.

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  • By j***7

    September 14, 2018

    Todo bien,13 días a tardado

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  • By i***j

    September 7, 2018

    Awesome product. A must have for anyone that loves retro games. The picture with the HDMI output is amazing. The 30 games on the system are all amazing. It brings me back to when I was a kid playing Nintendo for the first time. Only con I have is the console only came with one controller.

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  • By l***2

    September 6, 2018

    It's an awesome mini version of the first gaming system I purchased with my birthday money as a kid in the 80s. It came pre-loaded with all the games I used to own and enjoy. It's an awesome starter kit for future gamers in the family such as my kids.

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  • By b***p

    September 6, 2018

    The NES Classic is legit and a blast from my childhood! Between my brother and I, we still have the original and a bunch of games, all complete with boxes and booklets. The save state feature is nice.

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  • By s***d

    September 6, 2018

    I love it cause I can play the games that bring me back to my childhood, I just wish they made more then enough for everyone to be able to buy, I also wish that they would have installed all the games on it so I wouldn't have had to rely on someone to do it for me, "moded"

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  • By p***m

    September 5, 2018

    It took a long time, but it was worth the wait. The little thing takes me back to my youth and makes me feel young again. Mario is still great, and there are so many games I didn't have as a kid that I am now playing.

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  • By m***c

    September 5, 2018

    I waited for this for over a year. I wasnt paying over 60$. I paid 17$ it is perfect. Since the kids grew up and moved out this is fine for me n my husband. We play Dr. Mario who loses does dishes! Love this tiny Nintendo.

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  • By a***m

    September 2, 2018

    I finally have one and loved all of it, it even includes a poster. It's so nice to have one at a DECENT and appropriate price. Don't give in to scalpers, just be patient and keep looking the item until it reaches a good price so you can have it for the 17 Nintendo promised.

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  • By s***t

    September 2, 2018

    This little thing is absolutely everything i could imagine. The picture is clear and the games are exactly the same as the originals. I do wish there was a way to buy and download more games on to it but besides that i am so happy with it!!

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  • By n***v

    September 2, 2018

    If you can get this for the listed price then it's great. The included games are fun and it brought back a lot of memories. I am glad I was able to get one and my wife and I have had a lot of fun playing with this.

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  • By h***m

    September 2, 2018

    This is super cute! It's like holdinga tiny bird in your hand, that lets you play a ton of games with some neat functionality like certain old t.v. screen effects. We waited like 3 years for this due to shucksters and their highway robbery prices. Obviously this could have been accomplished with a raspberry pi and some programming, but this is really cool for the price.

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  • By m***8

    September 2, 2018

    OMG. I've been waiting for this for so long. I missed it when it was originally released, so I was pleased to find out there we going to be more. Now finally having one i'm reliving my childhood with some grand fondness. I do miss the great paperboy or Domino's Noid game, but this certainly tickles my nostalgia bone! If you can get one, I highly recommend it.

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  • By j***d

    August 31, 2018

    What can you say? My husband was like a kid on Christmas morning when he opened this- nothing else existed after. He was excited to play all the games and hooked it up immediately.

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  • By s***c

    July 26, 2018

    What fun! Arrived for item and had so much fun with the games and the crew was so fantastic. Game system is a gift, so I haven't played it yet, but I hope it's as fun as the pick up!

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  • By a***s

    June 29, 2018

    Took me right back to being in the 6th grade playing excitebike and super Mario Bros! I didn’t even open Zelda- I would still be sitting there- if you can get your hands on one I highly recommend it!

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  • By g***f

    June 28, 2018

    Our Kids love this system. Quick shipping; great product. Would buy again from this seller. Note: Be sure to buy this item from an established seller. There are some scammers out there advertising this for sale.

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  • By p***v

    June 27, 2018

    I received one of the non knock-offs and it works great. It brings back memories of all the house I spent at a friends house dying over and over and over again... Guess what? Not much has changed.

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  • By k***a

    June 21, 2018

    Great little system, now my wife and I don't have to share with the kids as we did years ago. They took the original one with them. Waited two years to get one at near original price.

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  • By a***t

    May 21, 2018

    It was a gift for my husband and it was just what he wanted. There is no loading of the games. They are all already installed with some that we never heard of. It is fun going thru the games. It is better than the original Nintendo system.

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