• Transmetteur YONGNUO YN-622C-TX LCD Flash pour déclencheur YN - 622C pour appareil photo reflex Numérique
Transmetteur YONGNUO YN-622C-TX LCD Flash pour déclencheur YN - 622C pour appareil photo reflex Numérique

Transmetteur YONGNUO YN-622C-TX LCD Flash pour déclencheur YN - 622C pour appareil photo reflex Numérique

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Remarque: Les fonctions suivantes doivent utiliser avec l'émetteur-récepteur YN-622c (SKU: D886).

Elle transmet tous les paramètres de Flash externe Menu de votre appareil photo à flash asservi (es), vous pouvez contrôler flash (es) par le menu de l'appareil photo.
Il prend en charge la fonction TTL.
affichage de l'écran LCD, multi-touches opération rapide.
Le firmware peut être mis à niveau via l'interface USB.
Soutenir la fonction sans fil déclencheur.
La distance focale (zoom) des A / B / C trois groupes de flash peut être réglée séparément.
Equipé de la mise au point d'assistance AF lumière (peut être désactivé).
Regroupement mode flash: E-TTL / Flash manuel / Super synchronisation.
Soutenir l'utilisation mixte de l'A / B / C trois groupes de flashes avec E-TTL, flash manuel, ou Super mode de synchronisation du flash.
La sortie de correction d'exposition ou le flash de A / B / C trois groupes de flashes peut être réglé séparément.
Obturateur Sync: la première synchronisation de rideau, deuxième synchronisation rideau et FP synchronisation à grande vitesse, la vitesse de synchronisation la plus élevée est de 1 / 8000s.
Soutien compensation d'exposition, la fonction de verrouillage de la valeur de flash (FVL).
Soutien simulation (modélisation) flash, réduction des yeux rouges flash.
Soutenir le zoom flash (auto).
Super Sync (SS) le temps de réglage de retard, pour une plus grande vitesse x-sync que la caméra permet.
Paramètres sauvegardés automatiquement.
Le signal de synchronisation du flash peut être entrée via le port PC.
Appuyer sur la gâchette du flash de base (vitesse de synchronisation max est de 1 / 250s) du sabot standard (non du corps Nikon).

Liste des caméras Compatible:
A: L'appareil photo reflex numérique EOS avec le menu de commande de flash externe:
Canon 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III, 1D Mark IV, 1D Mark III, 7D 60D 50D 40D 450D 500D 550D 600D 650D 1000D 1100D.
B: L'EOS DSLR sans manuel de contrôle de flash externe:
Canon 5D 10D 20D 30D 300D 350D 1D 1D Mark II.

Compatible Flash:
Compatible ETTL éclair: (Il suport télécommande sans fil via le menu de l'appareil photo).
Canon 600EX (RT), 580EX II, 430EX II, 320EX, 270EX II
Yongnuo YN-565EX C, YN-468 II C, YN-467 II C, YN-465 C (YONGNUO unités flash ne supportent pas HSS Fonction).

Note: 430EX et 580EX ou d'autres parties du flash est pas pris en charge le contrôle à distance via le menu de l'appareil photo, vous devez configurer manuellement les paramètres du flash.

La liste compatible câble de l'obturateur:
C1-60D / 70D / 400D Série / 500D série / 600D / Série 1000D
C3-40D / 50D / 7D / série 1D / série 5D

Type de système: contrôleur sans fil 2,4 GHz FSK numérique
Distance: 100m
Channel: 7
Mode flash: E-TTL, flash manuel
Mode Sync: synchronisation au rideau avant, arrière-rideau, synchro salut-vitesse (auto FP)
Groupes: 3 groupes (A / B / C)
la vitesse de synchronisation: 1 / 8000s
Entrée: Hotshoe
Sortie: Hotshoe, port PC
Interface Déclencheur: 2.5mm Interface déclencheur
USB firmware mis à jour: Support
Assistance AF émetteur de faisceau: Support
Piles nécessaires: 2 * pile AA (Support de batterie 1.2V rechargeable) (piles non comprises)
Autonomie en veille: 120 heures
Taille de l'emballage: 10.7 * 10.7 * 5cm / 4.2 * 4.2 * 2.0in
Poids du paquet: 176g / 6,2 oz

Forfait Listes:
1 * contrôleur de flash sans fil
1 * C1 Obturateur câble
1 * C3 Obturateur câble
1 * Manuel de l'utilisateur (anglais et chinois)
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  • By Tom Marvel

    July 2, 2018

    I normally don't write reviews or give feedback but I'm making an exception for this product Yougnuo has been amazing since it introduced the YN-622 transceiver The TX is beyond Even as a Canon shooter with flash control in my personal on screen camera menu, the TX makes it so much easier & effortless to control three light sources right from the shooting position Especially with a light in a soft box 9 feet in the air The TX worked perfectly right from the box Don't really to need to read the manual (The apparent google translate chinese to english is a game in of itself) I highly recommend downloading the The Other Youngnuo User Guide (I now have on-camera flash control on my Fuji, too) For all you fence sitters: Just buy this controller & don't look back If I was Pocket Wizard I would renew my prescription for Ambien so I could get some sleep at night

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  • By David D

    July 1, 2018

    Just amazing!!! I bought these thinking they wouldn't work as good as the ones out there such as the PWs but they work way better. There's no syncing, no having to program through a computer program. You just connect them and start photographing. I use a Canon 7d mkII and everything interfaces perfect. I can choose to either control through ttl on the Yongnuo display or I can go into my camera flash settings and control through there. Yongnuo also allows for manual firing as well. The only con I have is that the company does not have a English user friendly website and downloading the updated firmware required me to use a language translator.

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  • By Rory K. Young

    June 26, 2018

    I shoot Canon, and these are working flawlessly for me. I’m running one flash on Group A and one flash on Group B, with the flashes centered in front left/front right of a backdrop portrait subject. This allows me to control the level of flash output from the transciever on the top of the Canon 5DM3. I read the reviews, and people mention how this system isn’t intuitive... but it works fine for me... my small team of three in the shoot had absolutely no issues learning the system. Yongnuo has earned my respect with this system. Good job.

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  • By RJCali

    June 25, 2018

    I've used these for portraits and in weddings with Canon 5D II, 7D, 50D and 580EX II flashes and they worked reliably and consistently, and with perfect TTL exposure. The controller unit was pretty intuitive for me to use and I was able to easily control my flashes from it. I have used pocket wizard in the past but can't imagine why anyone would spend that kind of money when products like these are on the market. I absolutely recommend this product and will consider other Yongnuo products in the future. UPDATE: I tried using the Canon flash/Yongnuo combination with my Olympus micro 4/3 camera and it worked very well, too. Obviously in manual mode, not TTL, but the controller allows me to adjust the output of the flash very easily without having to access the flash itself. Brilliant product.

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  • By p. david miller

    June 25, 2018

    Full ETTL, Multi Flash, and HSS functionality with off camera flash for fifty dollars! Are you kidding me? This controller is fantastic. I use it outside with 6 Yongnuo YN622 radio triggers. They work nearly flawlessly up to 100m away. The controls are incredibly easy and intuitive. The clamp on the hot shoe isn't the best, but this unit is light so it doesn't matter so much. At present this is the best full flash function trigger I could find on the market at this or even much higher price points. I use it with a 5d mark 3 and Yongnuo YN568EX 2 flash guns. I can't speak to how well it works with other flash brands, but with the Yongnuo Flashes it can't be beat.

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  • By ThoughtGarden

    June 24, 2018

    For a relative noob venturing for the first time outside the Canon-Line-Only Box...I am very impressed and pleased. Compared to other more recognized names (and expensive)...such as Canon, PocketWizard, etc....these little babies from Yongnuo are definitely a bang for your buck. I have had no issues firing even older Canon Speedlights...and I have not encountered any major technical difficulties with TTL...remote firing...or mixtures. Well...except for being impatient to the point that my flashes don't cycle fast enough before I shoot my next prematurely.

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  • By MoCee

    June 24, 2018

    I've used this now four times and this set works flawlessly. I used this with two flashes, a Canon 580ex and 580exii. With the 580exii I can control the power output on the flash remotely from the transmitter on my camera. However, I cannot control the power output remotely with the 580ex - I can only fire the 580ex. So I purchased another 580exii in order to use these transmitter to their fullest potential. And they're great. I see that Adorama sells two 600rt speedlites with the Canon transmitter for $1200. If you have two 580exii speelights already, this Yongnuo radio transmitter system costs under $120. That's 10% of the "new" flash set up. Unless you REALLY NEED to have the latest flashes, I'd say save yourself over $1000 and take a mini vacation or buy another lens or buy an awesome guitar (I did!).

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  • By Kevin A. Diossi

    June 23, 2018

    Words can't describe how terrific this product is. I've sold my stupid pocket wizards in favor of these for use with my speedlites. Build quiality is excellent, it takes AA batteries, and they have a dedicated on/off switch instead of a button - an auto off feature would be nice if you left them on.The fact that I can go into the flash menu on my camera or on the top of my camera and command power to flash groups is spectacular. Canon only supports 3 groups, so I can't complain too much, but I would have preferred to see 4 or more groups for improved flexibility. Oh, and the AF assist beam is superb. High speed sync adds a new dynamic possibility to lighting as well.

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  • By Philip G. Ruffolo

    June 20, 2018

    Awesome flash controller at a reasonable price. Combined with the 4 Yongnuo flash trigger units I have complete control of my lighting set-up from behind the camera. The capabilities are extensive, but vary based upon the camera, lens, and flash units you use. I advise downloading "The Other Manual" mentioned elsewhere in these reviews since it offers a wealth of additional and extensive information that may not be clear from the manufacturer's documentation. I admit, reading "The Other Manual" aided my decision to purchase, but also reading it a few times along with the Mfr's greatly helped me to discover the best way for me to utilize the capabilities for my gear and way of working.

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  • By Richard Macias

    June 20, 2018

    I own plus 3 and I bought this unit as a back up. Amazingly after several uses this has now become my primary. I can not agree with previous Zebratt that the manual was difficult to understand. The button configuration is so simple you don't even need the manual but incase you do both my wife and I found it very easy to understand. The range on the unit is excellent as is the ease of use in regards to changing groups, high speed sync, second curtain and power. Con: The only major issue I have with the units are the way they connect to the hot shoe.Its an all plastic thin screw down fastener. These make it very difficult to secure and removing them with bulky fingers can be equally difficult. It would be nice if they used locking fasteners rather than these. Other than that I love it! The pocket wizard uses something similar as well but its a bit thicker making it easier to lock and remove. But I wish they also used locking fasteners like those found on the canon flashes.

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  • By Daniel E. Sennett

    June 18, 2018

    This is quite a nice addition to any kit! I use an array of 580ex and 580exII flash guns, and this allows me to adjust the power manually, as well as use e-ttl (which is quite handy when on the go at events!) The ability to use any flash, be it large and old, or new and fancy in high-speed-sync mode has eliminated my need to carry large, powerful flashes in an attempt to overpower the sun! I pair this with two compatible transceivers in my daily photography, and have been going strong ON THE SAME SET OF BATTERIES! Good news, yongnuo users: they run on AA batteries! Range is good, I've not had any issues. They are comperable to the pocketwizard plus IIs. I don't forsee a situation where these will have range issues. A++ HIGHLY recommended.

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  • By Justin Labinski

    June 10, 2018

    Amazing! I have been using a cheap set of flash triggers for a while until they just broke. I wanted to upgrade to something with more control but didn't want to invest nearly a thousand dollars in the professional level triggers like pocket wizard. I already had a few Yongnuo flashes that were working great so I decided to try out their triggers and I'm so glad I did! The triggers work perfect! They have 3 channels to mix flash power level, built in E-TTL metering with focus assist you can even leave a trigger on without a flash in darker conditions just to help your cameras auto focus out. The only weird thing I noticed that might just be a setting change I haven't figured out yet is my Yongnuo flashes can't be controlled through the master controller. I use a mix of Canon and Yongnuo speed lights and only the Canons change when I adjust power levels. Great product will definitely be buy more as I add flashes. I use and Canon 5D Mark III and mix of speed light brands with no problems

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  • By Michaeux Emanuel White

    October 12, 2017

    You get two of these Transceivers for $80. Pocket Wizards cost $298! The Rebel T3i can control your external flashes from the menu option "Flash Control" just by using the YN-622C in the same way the flash triggers do. If you have other camera make sure they can do this. Plus the laser sight on each of them serves to get auto focus perfection in low light situation with out distracting people like Nikon's mini "flash" for auto focus does. I leave the transceiver on my camera all the time just for that.

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  • By Joe The Flow

    October 7, 2017

    The are fantastic triggers and you can't beat the price. Purchased these as test to see if they were worth the money. They exceeded my expectations. Solid build, mult-channel. I'm going to purchase more of them. Here's the specs: Flash mode: E-TTL(II), Manual flash, Multi flash • Shutter Sync mode: 1st curtain, 2nd curtain, high speed sync (HSS/FP), Max 1/8000s sync speed • Control remote flash using camera's flash control menu screen(Remote Control Mode) • Support E-TTL / Manual/ Multi flash mode (Mix Control Mode) • Support FEC, FEB, FEL, Modeling flash • Support E-TTL group ratio (ALL/ A:B/ A:B:C), Manual/Multi group (ALL/ A:B/ A:B:C) • Support auto zooming, manual zooming, AF lamp • Support LCD Live view triggering • Support high-speed continuous shooting trigger • Settings saved automatically • Compatible with ALL YongNuo/ Canon EXII series flashes • Support PC port triggering strobe flashes (PC Sync cable is not included, but you can buy it from YongNuo store) • Support single-contact of camera & flash triggering (the max sync speed is 1/250s)

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  • By Simone Severo

    September 28, 2017

    The Yongnuo Yn-622C-TX trigger with the Yongnuo Yn-622C receiver is finally a wireless trigger system I can trust. I use it with the Canon 6d full frame camera. When paired with the Yongnuo 568EX ii the Yn 622C-TX trigger allows me to change the power of the flashh from the trigger without having to walk to the flash. Also, the receivers work with flash Canon 580EX, Neewer TT560, Neewer TT660, all triggering at the same time. So I can use one canon fladh, one yongnuo 568ex ii and 2 Neewer fladhes and they all flash! The control of the flash power from the trigger will only work with yongnuo 568ex ii, but everything works. Love it!

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  • By Sincerely Noob

    September 27, 2017

    I started with off-camera flash by buying YN 622c and ỴN68EX II. It was simple to use and serve me well for almost a year. But since the newer version has the same cost, I urge you to buy the YN 622C II pair instead. Now that I have used my flash with umbrella in a few house parties, I am getting tired of changing the flash ETTL EV output manually. So I bought the YN622C-TX to control my YN-622C. Save me a lot of time not having to step down from the ladder to change the flash output before I can take more photos. Overall the unit works great. Very affordable. I put Eneloop in these and haven't had to change them in 6 month of once-per-few weeks usage.

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  • By H.C. McDole

    June 13, 2018

    These work as described and are very inexpensive. There are some quirks but for the main uses, it does the job.

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  • By Bryce

    June 5, 2018

    These triggers have been great so far! No complaints - especially at this price.

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  • By Tommy J. Roxas Jr.

    September 28, 2017

    The best flash controller for those on a budget. A must have for all those working with OCF. PROS: Control your speedlight without having to constantly walk back and forth Easy and intuitive function and layout Very little battery usage. Will run a long time, even with nimh batteries inside Works great with the Sony a7 and the Sony a850 with hot shoe adapter

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  • By Dennis Williford

    September 28, 2017

    These flash triggers have changed my work completely. Mostly the fact that I shoot a lot of sports and action, I can push my shutter now to 1/800 easy with these, where as I could only reach 1/250 shutter before. and only for a fraction of the cost of pocket wizards. Very reliable.

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