• Viltrox DC-50 HD clipser LCD 5 '' Moniteur
Viltrox DC-50 HD clipser LCD 5 '' Moniteur

Viltrox DC-50 HD clipser LCD 5 '' Moniteur

Portable Grand View pour Canon Nikon Sony appareil photo reflex numérique DV

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Viltrox DC-50 Moniteur LCD clipser aide les amateurs de photo et vidéographes tirer des images vidéo HD de haute qualité.
Il y a aussi un grossissement de pixels et un pic installation qui assurera mise au point précise de confirmation.
Angle de vision large écran LCD.
DC-50 dispose de deux prises HDMI et une prise AV pour obtenir le signal vidéo de la caméra; les succès de jack de sortie de l'obturateur pour contrôler la prise de vue lorsque épitaxiales l'écran LCD de l'appareil DC-50.
Avec deux adaptateurs de chaussures de réglage de l'angle, qui, y compris la norme et de la chaussure Sony.
adaptateur de chaussure permet de retirer facilement amovible lors de l'utilisation d'un appareil photo qui a une griffe de verrouillage automatique.
Fonctionne avec batterie rechargeable NP-FM500H (non inclus) ou adaptateur secteur.
Avec pliable pare-soleil et sac de transport.

Modèle: DC-50
La couleur noire
Température de fonctionnement: 0 à + 40 ° C (32 à + 104 ° F)
Température de stockage: -20 à + 60 ° C (-4 à + 140 ° F)
Batterie compatible: batterie rechargeable NP-FM500H (non inclus)
Taille de l'écran LCD: 5 pouces
Résolution: 800 * 480 pixels
Président: Oui
Port d'entrée: HDMI * 2; UN V; DC IN; USB
Port de sortie: casque 3,5 mm jack de sortie; 2.5mm port déclencheur de l'appareil photo
Taille du lot: 13 * 9 * 4cm / 5,1 * 3,6 * 1.6in (avec pare-soleil)
Poids de l'article: 251g /
8,9 oz Taille de l'emballage: 15,5 * 11,5 * 10 cm / 6.1 * 4.5 * 3.9in
Poids du paquet: 610g / 1.3Lbs

Liste des paquets:
1 * Moniteur avec pare-soleil
2 * GRIFFE adaptateurs
1 * Câble HDMI
1 * Sac de transport
1 * Manuel de l'utilisateur (chinois et anglais)
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  • By SlushierCashew

    June 6, 2018

    For the price, this little monitor is fantastic. The image quality is pretty high (good enough to pull focus if you aren't trying to be 100% perfect), it worked instantly with my Nikon camera (no fiddling with settings), and is so light that I was able to mount it on a clamp on my Zhiyun Crane 2 and not even notice the added weight. I also LOVE the built in hood - so essential, if you do anything outdoors. It snaps up and down firmly and stays in place. It can even be removed easily if you want to do without. The only downside is that this monitor takes REALLY small batteries, and will chew through them pretty quickly. I bought two, and got about 40 minutes per battery. I'm going to guess they chose this battery form factor for weight savings, and it does work, so just keep that in mind. Switching batteries is really easy, so its not that big of a deal in the end. Is this monitor going to replace a $500 version? No, of course not. Its not nearly as bright or contrasty, the color reproduction is not perfect, the menu system is a little harder to navigate, it isn't a touch screen, and it is not made of the same high-quality, durable materials. With that being said, if you need a $500 monitor, you probably aren't going to buy this one anyway. If you need a monitor that just works for run-and-gun filmmaking, grab this one!

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  • By peter

    June 5, 2018

    My rating is based on value for the dollar. This little monitor is NOT comparable in quality and performance to small OLED monitors costing $1500 or more. That being said, I think it is a great tool at a low cost. I initially purchased an almost identical name brand monitor (probably made in the same Chinese factory) costing over twice the price. I sent it back immediately and took a chance on the Viltrox DC-50. So happy I did. In fact the Viltrox has the same specs and a few more features than the name brand. I use this monitor with my Panasonic AF-100 and new Panasonic GH3 DSLR. What I like: -very light weight even with the battery. -good battery life, even with the smaller Sony NPFM500H battery (knock-offs are great and cheap) -great flip out sun shade. Protects the screen when folded. -excellent adjustable shoe mount (no fiddling with lock nut when repositioning viewing angle) -easy to determine focus even without peaking feature What to be aware of: -no battery or charger included. -the color temperature and saturation can be adjusted somewhat but the color is not perfect. Would not rely on this monitor for judging proper color balance. -even with the sunshade, viewing in bright light outside not so good. -Canon DSLR users should note that there is no scaling function during recording as in some higher priced monitors -only one shipping option available from vendor at this writing. Mine took 12 days to arrive. -just received so cannot speak to the longevity of this product. Great bang for the buck in my opinion. Time will tell.

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  • By James Martin

    June 3, 2018

    The DC-50 is lighter and easier to carry and mount than the DC-70 I first purchased. Although the DC-50 doesn't have the same resolution as the DC-70 I can still see what I need to see and can tell if the scene is in focus. Plus being two inches smaller the DC-50uses less power than the DC-70. Unless you REALLY need HD display I would recommend the DC-50 over the DC-70 for field work. If you REALLY need HD display, patch the video into your laptop.

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  • By Jered Mckenna

    June 3, 2018

    it's been working well..i use it only as a compositional reference monitor for my church's camera feed. the color seems accurate etc, so for the price, I guess you could use this and be happy with it. BUT, I personally need much higher resolution to be happy...so I have the blackmagic video assist. anyway, for what this is, and for the price. it's great as a reference monitor for composition.

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  • By E. C.

    June 2, 2018

    Great monitor for the price. The color is definitely off, so don't take that too seriously, but for this price it's hard to beat.

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  • By Sanity Advocate

    October 23, 2017

    Many folks out there do not understand what to expect from adapters such as this one. The common expectation is that a given adapter works with ALL Canon EF lenses. The truth is that none of them do, but all of them do work exceptionally well with SOME Canon EF lenses. It is impossible to predict which adapter will will work with any given lens - you must go through the tedious process of trying them out until you stumble on the one that works well with a particular lens. And, yes, you should expect buying a separate adapter for EACH Canon lens you are planning to use with your Sony camera. The idea is to attach your lens to its adapter and not to remove it, unless you really have to. As far as I am concerned, none of these adapters are made for routine lens changes.

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  • By Y.Reid

    September 27, 2017

    I put a lot of hope in this converter that it would work with the a7r II as I purchased it long before I got my hands on my camera. Pleased to know that it works perfectly with my canon lenses. The build is solid and mounts the camera very snugly with little to no play Trust me. This item was the key to my switching from Sony to canon

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  • By Colleen K

    September 27, 2017

    Worked like a charm with all of my canon lenses. Felt solid and lenses were easy to connect and disconnect.

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  • By Judith M.

    September 27, 2017

    I read numerous reviews of autofocus adapters before buying this one. No matter what the brand, the most often voiced complaint was slow autofocus that hunts. Having used mirrorless cameras for the past 6 years, I'm well acquainted with autofocus that can be slow and indecisive, so that wasn't a big issue for me. My main goal was finding a well made adapter that would allow me to control f-stops through the camera. If autofocus works, that would be a bonus. I'm pleased to say that the Viltrox adapter exceeded my expectations. The autofocus works better than I hoped. It even focuses my EF 400mm f5.6L on the a7R. Using flexible spot focus, I was able to lock focus on surfers about 400 feet away. Even Metabones lists this lens as not compatible with autofocus on their adapter. I also tried the EF-S 55-250mm IS STM lens. Autofocus worked very well with that lens. I was able to focus on pelicans flying along the beach without much difficulty. The EF-S 18-135 IS STM didn't work as well. It will focus accurately on large subjects that fill the frame, such as a sand dune on the beach, but will not focus on a crab on the dune. Using this adapter successfully with autofocus requires some patience and an understanding of what to expect. Lenses are not going to focus as fast and competently as they do on my 7D Mark II. That said, autofocus isn't much worse than my Panasonic GF1 with the Panasonic 100-300mm. I use half-presses of the shutter button to focus, release the button if you need to stop the lens from hunting, half-press again to force refocusing. One or two quick presses was all it took to lock on the surfers and pelicans. Pre-focusing on something else nearby your subject can also help the success rate. I haven't played with the adapter enough yet to see what effect different focusing points have, but Flexible Spot worked well for me.

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  • By Taj Mohammad

    September 27, 2017

    Very reasonable price and was even delivered before time

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  • By iMac

    September 26, 2017

    Using this mount on my sony A7rii using canon lenses it's working well fast focusing , happy with it, and thinking to buy another one for my other sony camera a6000

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  • By bethany turner

    September 26, 2017

    awesome way to re-use camera equipment!

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  • By a***e

    June 27, 2017

    Product came as discribed and on time A+++

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