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Benefits of home security system:

Maybe many people think there is no need of home security system. But now we heard more and more news about thieves and invaders breaking in others’ houses. Home security system helps you protect your properties easily when you are not home. Sometimes you may be too busy to keep your attention to your baby when you are doing laundry, or stuck at the work table worrying about your beloved pets at home. Home security system helps a lot with such difficulties. Besides above, there are more other benefits of home security system, such as saving on insurance, quickly responding to an emergency, taking better vacations, and so on.


Xiao Fang Intelligent Camera, with 1080P Super Clear, is a housekeeping monitor for babies and pets. It will monitor all the stuffs, and shows the scene on you phone from time to time. Three-axis base design can not only adjust the height, any rotation with a flexible shooting pitch angle. The magnetic base can be adsorbed on any metal surface such as a refrigerator, you can also use double-sided adhesive fixed it on the wall, and even hoisting XIAO FANG on the roof, leading a smart life from now on.

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