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VR Glasses at Cafago

Virtual reality glasses have become more and more popular recently in many fields such as gaming and entertainment. These glasses can display two images as 3D glasses do. Unlike normal glasses which can only show a single image, 3D and virtual reality glasses will show two images by using polarised lenses, one image in each eye. These images seem to give a deep illusion. There are head tracking systems of the advanced versions of virtual reality glasses. It can be connected to a computer so that the computer will send signals to adjust the signals when the users move around. With virtual reality glasses, the users will see three dimensional images and have a deep illusion of perception. For instance, when the user is using virtual reality between buildings, they will be able to view them from different views and feel walking through them. Many types of virtual reality glasses have tracking systems to adjust the images according to the user’s movements. The scene before the user will change as whatever action the user take. 

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