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Computer Components at Cafago

When building a PC, some components are essential, such as motherboard, CPU, graphics card and so on. No matter what you are going to do with the PC, the essential components remain the same.

Motherboard, also known as mainboard, systemboard, as one of the most basic and important parts of the computer, is installed in the chassis. It usually consists of the main circuit system including BIOS chip, I / O control chip, keyboard and panel control switch interface, indicator plug, expansion slot, motherboard and card DC power supply connectors and other components. 

Central Processing Unit (CPU) is an integrated circuit of very large scale. It’s the computing core of a computer and control unit as well. Its main function is to explain the computer instructions and precess data of computer software.

Graphics Card
The graphics card is designed to convert the display information required by the computer system and provide signal to the display device. It’s an important component connecting the monitor and personal computer’s motherboard. As one of the essential parts of the computer host, it’s very important for the professional graphics designers.

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